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Loving Guidance,

Guidance, Emotional Support, Relationship focused 

A parenting style that is focused on the relationship, giving guidance where needed, but still allowing the freedom to explore their world, creates confident, independent thinkers. 



Learning Happens

Children are hard-wired to learn, let them and learning will happen so naturally. Provide them with a rich environment for learning and possibilities for growth are endless.

Homeschooling provides a loving environment, with less anxiety, while teaching them important relational skills at the same time. 


Growth will happen for your child.

Growth and development happen at a different rate, in different areas, for all children.

Provide opportunities, celebrate even the small stuff, and most importantly keep looking forward.

Loving Guidance, Learning and Growth on the autism spectrum.

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Let's Talk!

I love connecting with other people online! Help me build a strong community of parents that want to support our autistic children and adults. Don’t be afraid to say hi on our social media platforms, doing so helps spread our message of support. Have a question or just need to talk, and you’re not comfortable with sharing online? Just send me an email by clicking below.