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Hi, I’m Katherine and I’m the writer here on Guiding Autism, as well as a creator on Youtube. There has been a great deal of confusion for myself as a parent, deciphering what was happening inside my child mentally, emotionally and medically. Part of that journey of sorting out the comorbid conditions from autism is in part what lead me to my own self-diagnosis of autism.

I started this blog right after my daughter turned six and I began the recovery process from a 4 year, 45 hr a week therapy lifestyle. We are still transitioning to our new normal, taking back my role as a parent and guide. Samara, born in 2011, has always been homeschooled and has a strong motivation to learn in an anxiety-free homeschool environment.

I hope to inspire other parents to feel confident in parenting their own child.  I want parents to spend less time worrying and more time living, loving and parenting their child by implementing basic guiding principles into your family life.

Your child needs YOU more than anyone else.

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